Meet the Bella Estetica Team

Cathi Carrier

Welcome to Bella Estetica, where beauty begins from within. With over three decades of experience as a licensed Esthetician and Nutritional Health Coach, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your true radiance. At Bella Estetica, we go beyond the surface and dive deep into wellness, nutrition, and self-care.

As the owner, my ultimate passion lies in positively impacting lives and empowering individuals to find happiness within themselves. I firmly believe that each person deserves greatness, and it is my privilege to guide you toward realizing your full potential. You are absolutely worth it!

My expertise lies in addressing a wide range of skin concerns, from troublesome acne to the signs of aging, fine lines, pigmentation issues, and the challenges of rosacea. I am committed to understanding your unique skin concerns and goals, and providing personalized recommendations for treatments and products that align perfectly with your needs.

In addition, I offer full-body waxing services using the gentle and highly effective Nufree medical-grade wax, as well as lash lifts with tint to enhance your natural beauty. I also specialize in body contouring to help you achieve your physical and fitness goals.

But my role extends far beyond aesthetics. As an Integrative Holistic Nutrition Coach, I am passionate about instilling good nutritional habits and empowering my clients to embrace a wholesome lifestyle. Drawing from my personal experience as a figure competitor, I understand the importance of proper nutrition and goal-oriented dietary management. With this knowledge, I am well-equipped to guide you toward reaching your desired health and wellness goals.

Beyond my professional qualifications, I am a mother of four, an animal lover, and an advocate for an active lifestyle. I constantly seek to expand my knowledge and skills, ensuring I am at the forefront of the industry to provide my clients with the most up-to-date and innovative services.

One of my greatest joys is creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own skin. I understand that trust is essential in any client relationship, and I am fully committed to providing a nonjudgmental space where you can feel supported and encouraged. Your goals become my goals, and together, we will work towards achieving them.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey in an environment filled with support, understanding, and an unwavering commitment to your success. Let’s embrace your unique beauty, nurture your body, and empower your spirit. Together, we will celebrate your journey toward confidence and self-assurance.



Meet Jamie, Our Seasoned Esthetician with a Passion for Helping her client’s look and Feel their best. With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, Jamie has honed her Skills and Expertise in a variety of Skincare treatments and techniques. Her warm and friendly demeanor instantly puts clients at ease, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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Arielle has practiced her Esthetics along the Connecticut shoreline since 2006. She is passionate about helping women feel beautiful and confident in their skin. She offers various services outside of skincare, including lash lifts and tints, bridal makeup, full body waxing, and body sculpting. Arielle has a passion for expanding her skills to offer various services to clients.

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Meet Alexia, our skilled body sculpting technician who possesses a deep passion for all things beauty. With extensive knowledge and talent in her craft, Alexia is dedicated to ensuring her clients attain optimal results. Her ultimate goal is to help clients both feel and look their best. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate her engaging personality as she guides you towards achieving your body sculpting goals. Additionally, get to know Alexia beyond her profession: she enjoys hiking, regularly visits the gym, and spends quality time with her two cats.


Massage Therapist:

Richard is a dedicated holistic massage therapist who exudes a genuine passion for his craft. With a deep understanding of the healing power of touch and energy, Richard is well-versed in all aspects of massage therapy. He approaches each session with a holistic mindset, focusing on not just physical relaxation but also mental and emotional well-being. Richard believes in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and strives to create a nurturing and healing environment for his clients. With his intuitive touch and compassionate nature, Richard helps his clients achieve balance, relaxation, and a renewed sense of vitality through his expert massage techniques.



Elise boasts over a decade of experience in the beauty field, accompanied by a comprehensive background in plastics. Her expertise ranges from being an artificial nail enhancement technician and nail technology educator to a trained paramedical esthetician, permanent makeup artist, and scar revision specialist. She is also a body sculpting expert and has a strong passion for cats, crafting, and an auto enthusiast

Meet Our Team

Manager / Spa Coordinateer:

Tanya has over 30 years in the life long pursuit of all things beauty. Her career started in Cosmetology and Esthetics and continued from there. She’s passionate about making guests feel good inside and out.

She’s Blood Borne Pathogen and First Aid CPR Certified, Multi-Certified Lash Extension Specialist, Makeup Artist, and Paramedical Tattoo Artist.

Tanya is an animal lover, navy wife, mother, and grandmother.